The Center for Everyday Leadership offers powerful coaching to guide leaders, managers, trailblazers and young people to:

Accomplish goals, Become prosperous,
and Create a greater impact! 

Becoming the leader you're meant to be includes fine-tuning your innate leadership skills to better serve where you are right now to accomplish your big goals.

Start by identifying your natural
                  leadership style. final arrow


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“The purpose of life is to matter…to count…
to stand for something…to have it make
some difference that you lived at all.”

-Leo Rosten

Hi there, I’m Richard "Doc" Eley, PhD founder of the Center for Everyday Leadership.

When I shifted out of a 20 + year career as a therapist to launch my life coaching business I found a calling in leadership and executive consulting. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of individuals and small businesses serious about undertaking a complete transformation.

Leadership comes in all sizes and shapes  Whether you're in the discovery phase of figuring out your own leadership style or a manager actively working with a team, I'm here to guide the development of your unique style to lead you into a life of accomplishments! 

My passion is to work with you to Grow Your Life towards Personal and Professional fulfillment!


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