The Center for Everyday Leadership offers powerful coaching to guide you to:

Accomplish goals, become prosperous, and create a greater impact!  

Becoming the leader you're meant to be includes fine-tuning your innate leadership skills
to better serve where you are right now to accomplish your big goals.

Start by identifying your natural leadership style...

Hi there, I’m Richard "Doc" Eley, PhD founder of the Center for Everyday Leadership.

When I shifted out of a 20+ year career as a therapist to launch my life coaching business I found a calling in leadership and executive consulting. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of individuals and small businesses serious about undertaking a complete transformation.

Leadership comes in all sizes and shapes  Whether you're in the discovery phase of figuring out your own leadership style or a manager actively working with a team, I'm here to guide the development of your unique style to lead you into a life of accomplishments! 

My passion is to work with you to Grow Your Life towards Personal and Professional fulfillment!


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Whether you want to be the world's next great leader, or just want to reach your own goals, we can give you the roadmap for gaining the skills you need to achieve great success.



Adult 24/7 Leadership Course

Learn the 10 key leadership skills and how to use them to enhance your life and reach your goals with ease.


Children 24/7 Leadership Course

Learn the 10 key leadership skills and see how they can help you have more fun, make new friends, and reach your dreams easily


Youth 24/7 Leadership Course

Unlock the 10 key leadership skills and learn how to use them to improve your life and achieve your goals with confidence and ease


Assess Your Leadership Style

Find out your personal leadership style and how to use it professionally and personally to achieve your goals.


Leadership Coaching

Work with one of our specialist leadership coaches to build your leadership skills and stay accountable on your success path.



  • “This course has been a beacon of inspiration, guiding us not only in honing our leadership skills but also in understanding the profound connection between leadership and faith. Your dedication to imparting these valuable lessons has made a profound impact on my personal and professional growth.”

    Lucy C.

  • I still find myself using the skills, foundations and qualities that I have learned from you, on a daily basis. Whether it be in my studies, social or professional events, I always revert to the " Laws of Stratospheric Success" that you sourced and taught to our group throughout your course and throughout the duration of your valuable mentorship.

    Dionisio T.

  • "The 24/7 Leadership course offers more than just a topical course; it offers a profound opportunity for individuals to evolve and excel in various facets of their lives. It is a journey worth taking for anyone committed to personal development and aspiring to become a more impactful and effective leader in their own right"

    Vallery H.

  • My experience in the 24/7 leadership program has been truly transformative.I can't emphasize enough how this program has changed me for the better. Throughout the course, I have gained valuable insights into my abilities and potential, and I've been prompted to reflect on aspects I had never explored before.

    Ena R.

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