Richard “Doc” Eley, Ph.D., a former Behavioral Therapist, has spent more than 45 years helping individuals and organizations achieve their potential. Activities have focused on coaching, consulting, training, counseling, writing and public speaking, A lifetime student of self-improvement, he has dealt with a wide variety of subjects, including, personal development and relationship building, time management, leadership principles, strategic planning, quality control, team effectiveness, sales, financial management, career transition, and human resource issues.

A wealth of experience, including the operation of his own successful businesses, gives him extraordinary insight. These businesses include the founding of two educational institutions, business consulting service, Therapy/Counseling business and Coaching business.

A husband, dad,, grandfather and great grandfather. Doc has found his greatest personal satisfaction in his family relationships. As a result, his perceptions of all human relationships have been greatly expanded.

Doc’s passion is to have a professional, collaborative relationship with individuals, helping Leaders, just like you, Grow Your Life Both Personally & Professionally. Many leaders feel torn between getting results and building relationships, between succeeding professionally and being satisfied personally. Doc works with leaders who want BOTH results AND relationships, personal AND professional fulfillment.

Doc is the President & Founder of The Center for Everyday Leadership

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