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What if I told you "vision" just means having a picture in your mind of what you want to achieve. If you want to actually see those dreams come true, the vision in your mind needs to be clear and strong

The first place to start is to craft your vision statement. What's a vision statement, you might ask? 

Well, it's really just a declaration of what your vision is. It communicates what your goals are. 

A good vision statement has three parts:

     1. Your Purpose

     2. Your Goals

     3. Your Values

All the best leaders start with a vision for their goal. It's way easier to lead people when you actually know where you want to go. 

When people find your vision statement meaningful, they'll want to follow you. Trust me. 

The best leaders have a killer vision statement and they'll stop at nothing till they see it happen. 

Real-Life Example: Nelson Mandela

"Vision without action is just a dream, action without vision just passes the time, and vision with action can change the world."

Nelson Mandela had a vision for ending apartheid in South Africa. Apartheid was basically a system that separated people from each other in society based on their race. Nelson fought for this vision and even went to jail for it. Now that's commitment, hey? 

Through it all, he never gave up. His vision was so strong he eventually won. Apartheid finally ended, and he even became the first black president of South Africa. 

Why It’s Important:

You need to have a vision in your life cause it'll keep you focused. 

Think of your vision as your dreams or goals. It's the things you want, and it gives you something to work towards

The best achievers always think about their goals, think about achieving them, and then think about how amazing it'll feel to actually reach them. 

By the way, we're not talking about manifesting your goals into the universe by thinking about them (I mean, there's nothing wrong with that idea...) But visulazing your goals is just a tool. It doesn't have to be all mystical and magical.

Trust me, you're gonna hit some hard times on the way to seeing your dreams come true. And having a vision will keep you from giving up when times get tough... it'll help you face those obstacles head-on, cause you'll know exactly where you're going. 

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