Needed: Everyday Leaders (Everyone is Eligible)


"A great leader's courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position." -John C. Maxwell

David sparked a fruitful conversation around waste when he gently asked the cafeteria manager at his workplace whether food might be served without unnecessary containers or wrapping, unless requested.

Sarah read about the effects of television on children and turned off her family's TV. The children now play board games, make up skill, play music, cook, read and play much more outside.


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Realize The Power Of Your Own Thoughts


Our Mind plays such a critical aspect in all that we do!

If you were to become aware of only one mental dynamic, the most important one to know about would be the relationship between your thinking and the way you feel.

It's important to realize that you are constantly thinking. Don't be fooled into believing that you are already aware of this fact! Think, for a moment, about your breathing. Until this moment, when you are reading this sentence, you had certainly lost sight of the fact that yo…

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The Importance Of Your Mindset In Anything You Do In Life


Generally speaking, there are two very different approaches to one’s mentality and the results yielded from either one are usually going to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. 

One way of approaching things is known as a “fixed mindset”, and the other is referred to as a “growth mindset”, and overwhelmingly, those with a growth mindset are often more successful in whatever venture in which they choose to participate. 

Those with the “fixed mindset” frame of mind tend to feel that their skills…

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7 Characteristic Actions Of Ideal Leaders

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1. Never separate the word "accountability" from "responsibility".

2. Always seek advice and criticism to gain new insights into performance and goals set.

3. Recognize the situations where a little extra effort is required.

4. Maintain enthusiasm in any circumstance.

5. Have the foresight to continually plan and think ahead.

6. Understand how to prioritize amid a wide variety of daily choices.

7. Love to win, and at the same time accept the risks involved in losing. 

Which one of these 7…

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